Project Timeline

Summer 2017: Launched UndocuResearch project & hosted research training sessions around ethics, qualitative research methods, recruitment, in-depth interviewing, and more.

Fall 2017 (Phase 1 of data collection): Conducted in-depth interviews with educators, counselors, and administrators (n = 44) who work with undocumented high school students in San Diego.

Spring 2018 (Phase 2 of data collection): Conducted in-depth interviews with high school students (n = 40) who are members of undocumented and mixed-status families in San Diego.

Summer 2018: Hosted a summer research institute for undocumented high school students interested in gaining research experience including training on coding, writing, and presenting research findings. Participants were paired with current college students to provide additional mentorship and support.

Spring 2019 (Phase 3 of data collection): Conducted participant observations in eight different high schools throughout San Diego.

Spring 2021 – Present (Phase 4 of data collection): Conducting in-depth interviews and questionnaires with undocumented college students in San Diego about their experiences, including unique challenges faced in light of the Covid19 pandemic.